Why More Moms are Microdosing

As research is starting to uncover the unparalleled benefits of psychedelic assisted therapy more and more people  are starting to integrate alternative medicine approaches into their wellness routine. 

As it’s becoming more popular to practice Microdosing, many moms have introduced it as a natural remedy seeking relief for some of the challenges faced in motherhood. It’s not so much being used as an escape like some would commonly turn to wine, or prescription drugs, but rather a way to be more present with their children to fuel a deeper connection. 

There are many amazing benefits to microdosing that support in mother/child relations. 

Relieve Stress and Anxiety
It helps to reduce stress levels by altering the way the body responds to stress hormones like cortisol while minimizing rumination and negative thinking. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the endless responsibilities moms juggle to keep a happy harmonious home, with reduced anxiety they can move through the day with more ease and grace. Microdosing tends to turn down stressed-mode and activate gratitude allowing them to move through to do’s with more appreciation for all that they have rather than it feeling like to much to handle.

Elevated Mood
Helps to increase levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine in the brain regulating mood and emotional state.

Momming is like riding the cutest emotional rollercoaster that you can never get off! Any moment can go from calm to chaotic in seconds. Microdosing assists in regulating reactions encouraging a level-headed response which is ideal as children tend to mimmic mom’s energy. 

Increased Focus
It promotes concentrated performance on tasks that require sustained attention.

There’s nothing the little one’s crave more than mom’s undivided attention. Microdosing inspires more presence with children allowing the mind to be fully immersed in all the amazing and cute little things they do. With sustained longer periods of attention children feel satisfied and tend to be less clingy to follow.

Heightened Awareness
Stimulated connectivity with the spiritual realm inspiring a sense of peace and unity with the universe, nature, and others.

Microdosing influences an enhanced connection to a mothers own soul and purpose which usually aligns partially with their offspring as children perpetuate their parents’ legacy. When moms can live from a place of alignment within themselves  they resonate more with their child’s energy allowing them to see them as an extension of themselves rather than an outside entity. This union fosters more compassion, empathy and love from mother to children through a deeper understanding of their child’s behaviors and mannerisms as a reflection of thier own.

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