Top 7 Tips to Get Started with Microdosing

Yayy 🥳 🍄 you’ve finally heard the mushie call and you’re bursting with excitement to get started on a new journey! Now, if you’re wondering to yourself how it all works & where to start. . .don’t stress. We’ve got you covered with these 7 super helpful tips to get started with microdosing.

Tip 1: Set Intentions & Connect with the Mushroom Medicine

Before starting your journey, the most important thing to ask yourself is why? Take some time to gain a deeper understanding behind why you feel called to work with mushroom medicine.

It could be that you want to find another way to cope with depression & anxiety, increase your ability to focus & gain more clarity in your daily life, or find an alternative solution to harsh medications like SSRIs & antidepressants. Or maybe you’re even working through healing childhood & family traumas.

Whatever it is. . .the magical spirit of the mushroom is a guide and ally on our path to healing & transformation. The ancestors of Mexico traditionally gave this medicine the name “niños santos”, which means “The Holy Children”.

They help us discover the source of our shame & guilt so that we can release self-limiting beliefs, and step into our childlike joy and innocence! They help connect our mind with the intelligence of our body, which allows us to step into the full awesomeness of who we are.

We highly encourage you to take the time to write down your intentions in a journal before starting your dosing regimen. Then, visit your intention daily or every time you take a new capsule through the regimen period.

Sharing your true desires with the mushrooms creates a deeper connection with its Spirit. The mushroom listens intently to every vibration you put out, and calculates like an architect to rewire the connections in your brain so that you can vibrate at the level that aligns with your true desire.

When the spirit of the mushroom sees that you are ready to receive, it brings much clarity and profound teachings of the positive changes you can make to live a more joyful life.

So whatever you do, don’t forget to set your intentions first! It will help avoid confusion down the road and make for a smoother ride throughout your journey. Any time you feel overwhelmed, just take a deep breath and remember your intention. You’ll be surprised at the insight that follows.

Tip 2: Pick a Dosing Regimen

Now that you’ve set your intentions, the next step in your mushroom microdosing journey is selecting the right dosing regimen. There are many different types of dosing regimens that you could follow. So understanding which routine flows best with you will allow you to have the best experience for your unique needs. Here are some popular regimens to consider to get you started:

The Fadiman Protocol

Named after Dr. James Fadiman, this protocol involves taking a microdose every three days. Typically, users follow a schedule of one day on, and two days off. This approach aims to minimize building up a tolerance while still providing the benefits of microdosing. It’s an ideal option for beginners!

Stamets Stack

Inspired by mycologist Paul Stamets, this stack incorporates lion’s mane mushroom and niacin alongside mushrooms. Lion’s mane supports cognitive function, while niacin helps enhance the effects. The regimen involves taking this stack for five days on, followed by two days off. This protocol is best for more experienced micro & macro journeyers!

The MCRDSE Protocol

Microdosing with our proprietary blends can be an incredibly transformative experience. Many mcrdse journeyers have reported profound healing and new insights about themselves, others, and the world around them. This protocol is best to get the most out of our mcrdse capsules or mcrdse gummies. It involves taking 2 mcrdse capsules 3 Days on, 1 Day off. And then allowing two more days for integration. This method prioritizes introspection and gives space for putting into practice what you learn.

Personalized Regimen

Your journey is unique, and so is your dosing regimen, what we journeyers like to call the “sweet spot”. Sometimes you may prefer a consistent schedule, while in other times you may find it better to flow & microdose in more flexible patterns. Listen to your body, observe your energy, and adjust your regimen accordingly.

If you’re still unsure, it may be a good idea to research each regimen more carefully. You can download our complete dosing guide here.

It’s created to help you pick a routine that aligns best with your goals and lifestyle. If you feel you need a bit more hand-holding, consider consulting with one of our experienced mcrdse coaches for personalized guidance on your journey.

Remember, the rhythm and regimen you choose plays a key role in your microdosing adventure, shaping the rhythm of your transformative experience.

Tip 3: Understanding Microdosing Quantities

Embarking on your microdosing journey requires a nuanced understanding of quantities. Here’s a breakdown of what constitutes a microdose and how it differs from a macrodose:

Microdose vs. Macrodose Explained

A microdose is a sub-perceptual amount of a psychedelic substance, typically one-tenth to one-twentieth of a standard dose. The aim is to experience subtle, positive shifts without inducing hallucinations or altered states of consciousness. For mushrooms, this generally ranges from 0.1 to 0.3 grams.

Conversely, a macrodose involves consuming a standard or higher dose of mushrooms. Which often results in an enhanced ability to perceive surrounding energies, vivid hallucinations, and a deeper exploration of one’s consciousness. Knowing the line between micro and macro is crucial. When you unintentionally exceed the microdose range, it can lead to unexpected experiences.

Microdosing aims to enhance cognitive function, creativity, and mood, while macrodosing takes you into a profound spiritual exploration of your inner worlds. Understanding the distinction between the two empowers you to navigate your mushroom journey intentionally.

Finding Your “Sweet Spot”, Start Low, Go Slow

If you’re new to this, it will take some time to discover your unique “sweet spot.” That’s why we always recommend to start with a low dose. Try starting with 0.1 grams, observe its effects, and gradually increase according to your comfort level. This ensures for a safe, enjoyable and effective experience. Rather than diving head first into a pool of overwhelm.

Remember, the journey is personal, and what works for one may not work for another. Pay attention to your body’s responses and embrace taking things one step at a time.

Tip 4: Listen to Your Body

Each person responds uniquely to microdosing. That’s why it’s important to tune into your body’s signals. Pay close attention to how you react. Observation is key to cultivating a mindful dialogue with your body.

Tune into the subtle signals your body communicates. Whether it’s heightened awareness, shifts in energy, or emotional nuances. These responses are your body’s way of providing valuable insights.

Observe changes in your mood, cognition, and overall ability to focus. With this level of attentiveness, you’ll start to notice patterns and be able to make adjustments based on your body’s cues.

Be flexible and flowing. Your body’s response may evolve as you grow and expand over time. Constantly observe for adjustments to your dosage regimen or routine. That way you can stay attuned to your specific needs and sensitivities as they change with each passing day.

Pay attention to your body’s well-being from a holistic perspective as well. What foods and nutrients is your body craving? Find quiet peace & warmth in the sun first thing in the morning. Seek movement that aligns with your daily habits & lifestyle. All of this has an impact on your well-being and connection with mushroom medicine. Entering a heightened state of mindfulness enables you to integrate your lessons and learnings seamlessly. So that you can foster a balanced and harmonious state while microdosing throughout daily life.

Tip 5: Consistency is Key

The key to unlocking sustained benefits on your microdosing journey is consistency. A consistent practice maximizes the positive impact on your overall well-being. Here’s how you can Establish a routine that seamlessly integrates microdosing into your lifestyle.

Make it a Ritual

Establish a designated time and space for your microdosing sessions. Whether it’s a tranquil morning journaling routine with tea or an evening candle-lit reflection by your altar. Creating a ritual enhances your connection with your microdosing experience.

Establish a Routine the Aligns with Your Lifestyle

Craft a consistent microdosing routine that aligns with your lifestyle. Make sure to integrate microdosing seamlessly into your daily activities. Whether you’re a busy tech professional, a creative artist, or simply navigating the intricacies of everyday life. Be sure it’s a natural part of your routine. Your lifestyle may affect which specific days you choose or opt in or out for a day off. In any situation, having a well-defined routine cultivates a sense of stability and predictability in your microdosing journey.

Recognize that life evolves, and so can your microdosing routine. Be adaptable to the changing seasons of your life. Whether it’s adjusting dosage, frequency, or the overall approach, flexibility ensures that microdosing remains a supportive and evolving ally.

Set Mindful Reminders

Set mindful reminders to prompt your microdosing sessions and establish reflective practices. We highly recommend that you journal your experiences to track your progress, refine your approach, and deepen the connection with mushroom medicine. You can set alerts on your phone to gently remind you to practice mindfulness throughout your microdosing sessions. These reminders can serve as anchors so that as you microdose, your learnings are naturally woven into your daily life.

Tip 6: Mindful Integration

Infuse mindfulness practices into your daily routine. Microdosing encourages holistic living, which is why integrating mindfulness practices enhances your experience. Whether it’s a dedicated meditation, conscious breathwork, yoga or other mindful activities. These practices serve as anchors, and foster a harmonious connection between you and the mushroom medicine.

Meditative Moments

Take moments out of your day to engage in meditative reflection during your microdosing journey. Create spaces of silence. And become still to observe the subtle shifts within your mind and emotions. Taking intentional pauses throughout your day fine-tunes your inner senses.

Breath as a Guide

The breath is the force of life. Incorporate mindful breathing exercises to anchor yourself in the present moment. Deep, conscious and intentional breathing serves as a bridge to connect your mind and body.

Reflective Journaling

Like we said before! Please do add reflective journaling into your routine. Be descriptive, and capture your experiences, insights, and emotions. Journaling can provide a blank canvas for self-discovery and new creations during your microdosing journey.

Mindful Activities

Engage in activities that heighten your awareness and connection with self. Whether it’s a walk in nature walk, creative expression, dance, or mindful eating. Practice awareness with each moment any time you want to deepen your connection with the mushroom spirit. When microdosing, mindfulness is the rhythm that guides your steps.

Tip 7:Trust Your Intuition

For those new to microdosing or with specific health concerns, trust your intuition. You can always seek guidance from knowledgeable professionals to ensure a safe and informed microdosing journey tailored to your individual needs. And always honor your gut instincts! Your inner wisdom acts as a compass, guiding you towards decisions aligned with your well-being.

Embrace intuitive self-care practices. Listen to what your body and mind are communicating during the microdosing process. If a particular dosage or regimen doesn’t resonate, trust your intuition and pivot. Your journey is unique, and listening to intuitive cues makes for a far more authentic experience.


Congrats, you’re ready to leap into the world of microdosing! As you embark on this transformative journey, remember that the adventure is what you make of it. Each tip outlined above is a stepping stone to guide you toward a deeper connection with mushroom medicine.

Trust your instincts, stay consistent, and infuse mindfulness into every moment. Whether you’re seeking clarity, creativity, or healing, microdosing is a powerful tool for self-discovery. Get ready to receive lots of magic in your life, honor your intuition’s guide, and dance to the rhythm of your own microdosing experience. Here’s to a journey filled with growth, insights, and connection! Happy dosing! 🍄✨

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