The Secret Art of Microdosing in Public

It was the daily morning walk. But all of a sudden it felt more intentional. Every passing moment began to have a deeper meaning. A decoded message of sorts.

The city that was once a blur of loud noise and constant movement, suddenly became an intricate dance of experiences waiting to be explored.

The melodies of street artists whispering ancient secrets, trees dancing together in the wind, and eye contact with strangers that seem strangely familiar.

This is the power of microdosing in public. Consciously, of course. And it’s likely you’re wondering if it’s the right move for you. Truth is, only you know the answer to that. Either way, we’re gonna let you in on the secret art of microdosing in public.

Microdosing Basics

Microdosing means to take a fraction of a full dose of psychedelics. About 1/10th to 1/20th of the amount to be exact! So instead of a full-blown psychedelic experience, you feel subtle waves of the normal effects.

Many people enjoy microdosing LSD, mushrooms, ketamine & even ayahuasca. Each specifically has its own healing benefits. However, many psychonauts report unlocking new levels of creativity, increased focus and a deeper sense of connection.

Why Microdose in Public?

So why would anyone want to microdose in public anyways? The purpose is different for each person. But we see it as a way to integrate this expanded state of being into the daily ebb and flow of life.

There are many who feel comfortable with this enhanced perception as it deepens the experience of daily routines. And reveals beauty in the mundane. However, microdosing in public requires an openness to be vulnerable and intimately connected with all of your surroundings.

3 Tips for Microdosing in Public Safely

Take it Low & Slow

We know it’s exciting but don’t get carried away!  Psychedelics are powerful with serious potential for healing effects. But it’s most wise to start with a low dose and increase it gradually over time. As mentioned above, a common starting point is 1/10th of a full dose.

Know Your Substance

Research and understand the psychedelic or plant medicine you are planning to microdose. Speak to trusted friends who have experience before starting your journey. And if you don’t know anyone, then send us a text at our MCRDSE support line! We’re happy to be your trusted & trippy friend 🤗

Test Your Comfort Zone

It seems needless to say, but we shall. Microdose in your home or a safe, comfortable environment in nature before venturing out to microdose in public spaces. You’ll thank us later. Seriously though, you should intimately get to know the psychedelic or plant medicine you are working with to understand how it affects your mind, body & soul.

3 Tips for Comfort while Microdosing in Public

Keep it on the Down Low

Microdosing in public requires a certain level of discretion. It’s recommended to set your intentions for your dosing day and take it privately in your home. If you can, let the effects settle in for a bit before heading out. If you need to take it on the go, then use nondescript containers.

Prepare for Interactions

When microdosing in public, plan to engage with people as usual. Your conversations might feel more alive or you might notice more synchronicities. As long as you don’t draw too much attention to your altered state, most people will just think you’re in a particularly good mood. Practice maintaining your composure and have a breathing or meditation technique available to you in case you need a reset.

Know the Law

Before microdosing in public, it’s important to understand the legal implications. Many psychedelics are illegal in various jurisdictions. So you should plan accordingly as we mentioned above. If possible, take your dose privately at home before leaving the house. If not, use nondescript containers. And don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Oh yeah, and it’s probably best to leave your precious stash in a safe place in your home.

Benefits of Microdosing in Public

There are so many benefits that can come from microdosing in public! You will start to feel more empathy for others. Your conversations will become richer, and you’ll forge deeper connections with all that surrounds you. Microdosing in public gives you the possibility to see your everyday life in a new light. Suddenly, the coffee shop you visit daily can be  transformed into a platform for understanding and connection. Each interaction laced with a newfound sense of curiosity. You’re likely to feel inspired to make positive changes and start new creative projects.

Integration and Reflection

After a day of microdosing in public, it’s highly recommended that you prepare a safe and quiet space in your home to reflect and integrate on the day. It’s almost like savasana at the end of yoga class. You receive the most benefits during the space at the end of class to be still and simply observe the changes to your mind & body. Setting up a space for reflection will allow you to balance your nervous system and take note of the most important insights of your dosing day. From there, you can write your integration plans in a journal, so that you can continue to make forward progress on your healing journey.


So, why do we consider microdosing in public a secret art? Well, it’s simple really. It’s a topic that many people don’t speak about, yet it happens every day. Art is the expression of human creativity, skill & imagination. When you microdose in public, you become this channel of artistic human expression through your connection with the world around you.

So with that, we want to leave you with one last important reminder. As you tiptoe into the world of microdosing, you are not alone. There are guides, communities, and yes, friends like us, always here to chat, reflect, and explore with you.

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