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I cannot express how much this has changed my life. I cannot take ADHD medications as I have a duel AuDHD diagnosis with PTSD. My ADHD and PTSD are sooooo much better. I feel so much more peaceful and mentally organized. My short term memory gets better every week, my executive functions skills are improving, my sensory issues are manageable, my time blindness is improving, my anxiety is melting away and I've been able to regularly eat for the first time in my life! With IBD and the passing of my husband I developed a lot of anxiety around eating. Overall my health is improving. I cannot thank you enough! The trickle down effect has been amazing too. My son is feeling happier and more calm now that I am more able to regulate my overall health. Thank you again. Your product saved us in so many ways 🙏”


mcrdse products have been SO supportive towards my mental and emotional well-being! I love using the Focus blend when I am in need of a balanced and sustainable boost of energy and attention, and I enjoy working with the Bliss blend when I’m craving more presence in my body and spirit. I believe these products help me most with emotional regulation; I find that I am more able to pause before responding, connect with my own stillness inside external chaos, and “remember who I am” when I am using them regularly. I am grateful to be able to use Mcrdse products as tools to help me align with my highest self.

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