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Please browse our 3 blends below to choose which one best serves what you are seeking in your microdose journey. If you’d like our recommendation based on your individual needs please book a complimentary consultation. 

Focus Dose

If you’re seeking support for mental clarity and well-being, our Focus Dose is tailor-made for you. Harnessing the time-tested benefits of Lion’s Mane, Bacopa, and Ginko Biloba—herbs renowned for promoting cognitive function—we’ve crafted a blend that goes beyond productivity. Coupled with the mood-enhancing properties of Cacao, often referred to as the “food of the gods,” this powerful combination is designed to elevate your mood, foster a sense of well-being, and support your mental health. Immerse yourself in a journey of enhanced focus, heightened creativity, and improved productivity with our Focus Dose, taking your mental wellness to new heights

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Bliss Dose

Discover tranquility and mental well-being with our Bliss Dose, specifically crafted to provide a natural remedy for relaxation and clarity. This Lion’s Mane/Cacao fusion is ideal for those seeking a holistic approach to finding peace. Lion’s Mane, an ancient Asian mushroom with medicinal qualities, is celebrated for enhancing cognitive function and alleviating anxiety and depression. Complementing this, Cacao, a natural relaxant, contributes to reducing stress levels. Together, these ingredients form a potent blend that promotes blissful states of mind, offering a serene solution for mental health and clarity.

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Pure Dose

The Pure Dose is magical in its versatility to serve individual intention up to the highest level, whether you’re looking for a creative boost or a way to feel more connected to the world around you. Whatever the reason, these capsules are soul-serving in the best possible way. Microdosing mushrooms isn’t just about taking the edge off, it’s about opening yourself up to new possibilities and new perspectives. By reconnecting with your intention, you can find your creativity flowing more freely and your connection to your soul deepening.

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