Microdosing + Meditation

The intention of meditation is to practice fully tuning into to the moment.  With presence comes heightened awareness of your surroundings. The benefits of microdosing can support both of these.

It aids in focusing during meditation by promoting concentrated performance and sustained attention. This is imperative to meditation as part of the practice is learning how to focus your mind away from all the mental chatter and into current consciousness. It also supports in training your mind to easily switch into focus mode.

It also influences heightened awareness by stimulating connectivity with the spiritual realm inspiring a sense of peace and unity with the universe, nature, and others. This is the next phase of meditation practice – existing in the moment in harmony of all that surrounds you.

It opens your neurotransmitters which awakens your receptors to  be able to fully experience the moment and all the sensations of it moving  around and through you. This openness to experience current consciousness brings unity to your existence and the time and space that its in. 

Microdosing in close time proximity to when you plan to drop in to meditation and setting an intention for your practice is a great way to maximize the benefits of both practices. The intelligence of the dose works very well with intention. Setting an intention for your meditation before you ingest your Microdose can influence it to serve you in that way. You can infuse your microdose with your intention by holding it in your hand allowing your heart’s desire to flow down into it before becoming a part of you which allows you to ingest it with the energy of your intention for it then to be felt and circulate through you. When setting your intention cup your dose with your hand and ask it to serve you with what your heart is calling for and practice tuning fully into presence in the moments to follow to witness how the medicine serves it up to you.

Microdosing is by no means necessary to attain a peaceful and effective meditation practice, it is simply an aid that can allow you to experience deeper sustained attention and more meaningful presence in the moment. With focus and practice any moment can become a meditation when you fully tune into it.  The more often you you become fully present in your life, the more of life you’ll be able to experience, and with microdosing the more sensationally you’ll be able to feel it. 

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