Program Lead & Curator
Certified Life Coach
Yoga Instructor

Janelle is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, 500 hour Certified Yoga Teacher, and passionate proponent of the power of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Janelle believes that building a foundation of awareness through mindfulness and connection of mind-body is the foundation for transformation. We cannot change what we are not consciously with. When we get stuck in our heads, our visions do not become actualized, as this true Aquarian queen knows all too well. We need embodiment, mentorship, strategy, and actualization of our vision, and that’s where Janelle comes in. She is passionate about aligning people’s values with their lifestyles and bridging the gap between their realities and their ideal ways of Being. Janelle fully trusts her clients’ inner knowings of their highest potentials, and she reflects back these qualities. In a dynamic dance of intuition and strategy, Janelle’s clients experience true progress with her.

When working with Janelle, you will collaborate as partners aspiring towards your desired state of being. In a container of trust, authenticity, and presence, your values and dreams are clarified. As a team of self, coach, and plant medicine, you will reacquaint yourself with your inherent, nature of deep presence. From this space, you can listen to your sensations, your inner voice, a higher power, to what is in alignment with your path and graciously transcend what no longer serves it – food, relationships, old narratives, occupations, daily habits.

Janelle’s commitment to yoga, meditation, and movement practices paired with the neurological support of microdosing, Janelle has transcended old paradigms of disordered eating/exercising, negative self-cognition, addiction and more into a nourishing, loving, higher way of being. Her 

She is here to reunite you with your highest self, day by day, breath by breath, dose by dose.

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