Is Microdosing Right For Me?

There’s currently a lot of buzz going around about the benefits of integrating alternative medicine approaches, like microdosing psychedelics, into personal wellness routines. If you’re considering trying it,  here are some things to ponder to decide if microdosing is a good fit for you. 

Are you ready for a meaningful shift in your life? When approached with care and attention microdosing has the potential to rewire thought patterns out of default mode and into new ways of thinking. It aids in shining light on habits, behaviors, thoughts, and relationships that are no longer serving you to show you how you can move forward past them and into a space of conscious choices to align with the higher vibration in which you are seeking.

Is there room for growth? Microdosing can yield amazing results when properly committed to. It’s a daily practice that’s benefits equate to the amount of energy and attention put towards it. At minimum you’d want to spend time to sit with the microdose for a little while upon ingesting to set an intention for it to serve you for the day and feel into its effects, take a few moments to check in throughout the day to observe how you’re feeling and how it could apply to your intention, and reflect at the end of the day by journaling about your experience and anything that came through as meaningful throughout the day. Then start to integrate what the medicine is revealing to you into days that follow to apply what you’ve learned and journey on from there. 

Do you have any prior experience with psychedelics? If so it’s great to recall how your previous experiences felt while also keeping in mind the difference in where you are now energetically compared to then. If your experiences tended to be awakening and profound it’s likely you’d continue to experience those same, yet minimized, effects with microdosing. If It was the opposite you may consider proceeding with caution trusting that the medicine will do its work, but that it may be intense at times as it digs deep into what needs to be healed and released. 

Are you currently taking other medication? It is always best to check in with your healthcare provider first to ensure that your current health regiment supports the integration of psychedelics without interfering or causing undesirable side effects with other prescriptions. While some studies are showing microdosing as a possible natural alternative to anti-depressants and attention deficit medication because of their mimicked benefits, it’s not recommended to transition without making a safe plan with your provider to ensure you do it in a way that is safe and easy on your nervous system. 

Microdosing is a pathway to a new way of life. It’s important to approach it as you would any other health choice considering possible benefits vs. possible challenges and evaluating the reward yielded by the time and effort required to make a positive impact. Trust in your inner voice that’s guiding you in choosing what will serve you best to meet you where you’re at. If you are seeking more information to assist you in customizing your journey to best suite your goals start here to be matched with an optimal blend and microdosing mentor to support you along your way. 

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