Yoga Instructor
Reiki Master

Creatiff is passionate about nurturing the inner child spirit to cultivate a lighter, more playful state of being. She finds excitement in the magic and mystery of life, is guided by curiosity and intuition and has gained a wealth of wisdom as she has walked down her path as an artist, journeyer, yogini and energy healer.

She connects powerfully to an energetic state of being and serves as a coach with intention to raise the vibration of her clients through modalities of Peace, Love, Art, and Yoga, all reflecting her own transformation and insight gained along the way. As a meditation facilitator she shares mindfulness and presence practices to help rewire the mind back to clarity and focus to fully enjoy every moment and move at the speed of peace. As a fountain of love she has developed a self-love program to connect to one’s own source within and motivates towards forgiveness of oneself and others as a map to lightness. As a Reiki practitioner she is a conduit for universal life force energy to shine light on what needs to be healed to restore the energetic body back to a state of balance. As an artist she revitalizes artistic self-expression and encourages dedication to creative passions. As a yoga instructor she curates flows or movement and breath that shift the physical body from tension and stress to openness and ease.

When working with Creatiff she will offer a unique combination of these methods to support your intention while acting as a light to illuminate the healer within you and a mirror to reflect your own inner wisdom and power back to you to unlearn behaviors and patterns that aren’t serving you, and empower integrated wisdom of the medicine to support you in becoming your own best teacher.

Since her first experience with plant medicine she has connected to it as a source of spiritual awakening, healing and conscious expansion. She has always believed that it would be what heals the world and now feels aligned, grateful and honored to be supporting others along their journey towards enlightenment and liberation.

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