Let’s go on a guided
mcrdse journey

We are stronger together. Break free from those self-limiting cycles you’ve been trapped in. Experience lasting transformation with guided mcrdse integration coaching.

Guided Personal Transformation,
Tailored for Just for You

Embark on a personalized journey of self-discovery with our mcrdse integration coaches. Whether you’re seeking clarity, healing, or personal growth, our one-on-one integration coaching sessions are crafted to meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be.


What to Expect

Take your first steps towards integration with a free 20-minute journey call where you’ll receive clarity, personalized guidance & direction based on your specific situation.

And if you’re feeling called to have a mcrdse integration coach guiding you each step of the way, here’s what you can expect from full-length integration sessions which can last from 60-90 mins:

Meet our Psychedelic Wellness Integration Coaches!


Program Lead & Curator
Certified Life Coach
Yoga Instructor

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Head of Client Relations
Certified Life Coach
PGA Professional

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Yoga Instructor
Reiki Master

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Choose your path of transformation

Single Session

Dip your toes into the world of guided integration with a single 60-90 min. session. Ideal for targeted support or a specific aspect of your journey.

Three-Session Package

Commit to your growth with a package of three sessions. This option allows for a more comprehensive exploration and integration of your microdosing experience.

Lift Off
8 Week Program

This option takes you deeper within on a self-guided journey that leads you to become your own best teacher to Lift Off towards personal growth.

8 Week

For a deep and immersive experience, explore our Ascend program—an 8-week 1-on-1 integration coaching journey designed to empower you through transformative insights and sustained growth.

Why Integration Matters & How Our mcrdse Coaches Can Support You

Microdosing is not just about the journey itself; it’s about the lasting impact it can have on your life. Integration is the key that unlocks the full potential of your microdosing experience, transforming insights and revelations into tangible, positive changes in your everyday life.

Uncover Deeper Insights

Microdosing opens the door to profound self-discovery. An integration coach holds a safe space for you to explore & reflect on the insights gained during your journey. Which helps you understand their significance and how they align with your personal goals and aspirations.

Enhance Emotional Well-being

Microdosing can have a profound impact on emotional well-being. Integration coaching provides a safe pace to navigate and understand the emotions that arise during your journey, fostering a healthy relationship with your emotional landscape.

Break Free from Limiting Patterns

Patterns and habits, whether conscious or subconscious, shape our lives. Through integration coaching, you gain the tools and support to identify and break free from these self-limiting cycles that come to light through our mushroom teachers. A guide can encourage the resilience within you to move past these blocks and step into a new version of you.

Navigate Challenges with Guidance

Every journey of healing and transformation has its challenges. Our mcrdse integration coaches offer guidance and support to help you navigate obstacles. Gain access to wisdom from trustworthy people with real plant medicine experiences to ensure that your setbacks become growth opportunities.

Cultivate Lasting Change

The true magic of microdosing lies in its potential to create lasting positive change in your life. Integration is the process through which you anchor the lessons learned during your journey into your daily life. It's about translating moments of clarity and inspiration into sustained habits and positive transformation. Our mcrdse coaches are here to help keep you accountable to your word. .

Choose a Holistic & Healthy Lifestyle

Integration isn't just about one aspect of your life; it's a holistic approach to transformation. It encompasses mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, providing a roadmap for a more balanced, harmonious life. Which is why we have coaches that come from many different backgrounds to help support you in the various aspects that you want to improve your health

The Path of Healing & Transformation Awaits You!

Are you ready to take the leap? Your journey to a healthier, more enlightened you begins with one simple step. Connect with a mcrdse integration coach and unlock the full potential of your microdosing journey. We are here to guide you, support you, and empower you to create a life that reflects the very best version you!

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