Head of Client Relations
Certified Life Coach
PGA Professional

Chris Sortino brings a wealth of experience and a passion for holistic health & wellness as the Head of Community and MCRDSE Coach. With a background as a plant-based medicine facilitator, microdose coach, and certified life coach, Chris has dedicated the past two years to guiding individuals on their transformative journeys. 

 His journey into the world of holistic health & wellness began as a response to the pressures of mainstream medication. Faced with a therapist’s relentless push for Adderall, Chris sought an alternative path and found it in the healing properties of mushrooms. This pivotal moment not only altered his own life but became the catalyst for his mission to guide others toward profound healing and self-discovery. 

 Before joining the MCRDSE team, Chris excelled in corporate America as a high-performing sales executive. His leadership skills were evident as he managed teams and cultivated his own impressive book of business. However, his true calling emerged when he found purpose in helping others break free from bad habits, build positive ones, and discover their life’s true purpose.

Chris is not just a coach; he is a PGA professional, a plant-based medicine facilitator, & life coach specializing in empowering individuals to believe in themselves unequivocally. He firmly believes that a bulletproof belief in oneself is the cornerstone to accomplishing anything the mind, body, and soul set out to achieve. His guiding philosophy is encapsulated in his motto, “make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!” – a reminder of the power of personal choice in shaping our lives. 

 As a life coach, Chris has assisted individuals in breaking free from pharmaceutical drugs and addictions. Chris himself has been sober from all substances for over two years, his own journey guided by the power of mushrooms. 

Chris’s purpose is deep, transformational healing that inspires an elevated state of being. With unwavering dedication, he leads MCRDSE in its mission to facilitate meaningful shifts, one individual at a time.

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