Beyond 4/20: Exploring the Mystical Bond Between Cannabis and Mushrooms

The origins of 4/20 trace back to a group of high school students in California who, in the early 1970s, would meet at 4:20 p.m. to search for a hidden abandoned cannabis crop using a tresure map left behind by the grower. Little did they know, their tradition would evolve into a global celebration of cannabis consciousness and community connection.

But why does this matter for us, lovers of mushroom medicine? Well, beyond the surface-level festivities, 4/20 symbolizes a collective shift towards exploring alternative states of consciousness and embracing holistic healing modalities. It’s a day where we honor the natural gifts of the earth, her sacred plants and the profound wisdom they offer.

And for us, it’s the perfect timing to reflect on how both plants serve as allies on our journey of self-discovery and the deeper connection we share with the natural world and each other.

✨ Exploring the Similarities ✨

Cannabis and mushrooms are like old soul friends, each with its own vibe. And when done right, they vibe together beautifully. Cannabis chills you out, sparks creativity, and helps you see things in a new light. All these effects can be achieved with mushroom medicine. However, mushrooms have a special way of taking you on a wild ride deep into the psyche of your mind to uncover hidden truths and expand your horizons. Both plant masters are known for bringing healing & a greater sense of self-love through euphoric sensations in the body, and intense moments of introspection and life reflection.

From a traditional perspective, experienced indigenous medics, healers, and wisdom keepers used cannabis to intensify their mushroom journey and deepen their understanding of certain healing methods or other studies of consciousness or nature.

Together, they create a synergistic experience that can deepen introspection, enhance creativity, and promote overall well-being. However, each plant has its own song, vibration, and way that they like interacting with. So it calls for clear & pure intention-setting to be sure that both plants dance together in harmony for profound connection.

🌳 Embracing the Differences 🚀 

Sometimes cannabis and mushrooms can seem like they’re from different planets, but that’s what makes it all so fascinating! Picture cannabis as your chill-out companion and mushrooms as your wise spiritual guide showing you the way through the depths of your mind. Cannabis offers relaxation and euphoria, while mushrooms deliver profound insights and expanded consciousness. Each plant medicine has its unique effects and therapeutic potentials, so it’s important to respect their differences and understand that each plant has its own unique gifts to offer.

From a metaphysical perspective, cannabis, as a sweet flower, is an incredibly powerful feminine spirit, while the spirit of the mushroom is more androgynous and related to the archetypal energy of the “Divine Child”.

Many people like to use the term “let’s get high” when referring to cannabis. But in reality, it actually has quite the opposite effect on your mental energy & journey of consciousness. The ancient yogis (who were the original cannabis connoisseurs btw) would be so outta this world & disconnected from this reality after their yoga practices & rituals, that they would smoke cannabis to come back down to earth and connect with the physical reality.

And that’s exactly what the medicine of cannabis does, it slows down the velocity of your thoughts and connects you with your ability to feel human. Believe it or not, cannabis can actually unlock an extreme ability to concentrate when used correctly. 🤯

Mushrooms on the other hand speed up the velocity of your mental & metaphysical energies to help you see new perspectives, explore alternate realities and encounter deeper truths. They activate the corners of your mind that haven’t been visited in a while. Honoring the distinct qualities of each plant is key to experiencing their magic fully.

⚖️ Finding Balance ☯️

Just like a perfectly crafted playlist, finding the right balance and dosage is key to unlocking the full potential of cannabis and mushrooms. Whether you’re microdosing for maximum clarity & productivity or embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery, honoring your body and intention is paramount.

As always, we recommend taking it slow. Especially if you’re new to microdosing. Allow the spirit of the mushroom some time and space to do its work before throwing another plant’s energy into the mix. Because each plant is a teacher, and each has its lessons to share and way of teaching them. So, suppose you want to truly experience the magic of mushrooms. In that case, we recommend taking a break from cannabis or at least lowering your frequency & amount until you gain more experience and understanding of how each plant teacher interacts with your unique energies.

Anything in excess has an ability to make us sick, so remember, everything in balance. Like we’ve always said before, each person has their own unique needs. So listen to your body, set clear intentions, and live in conscious action. Your soul will lead the way from there! ☺️ 💫

Here’s to a lit 4/20! 🔥 May all the good vibes be with you!

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