Why More Moms are Microdosing

As research is starting to uncover the unparalleled benefits of psychedelic assisted therapy more and more people  are starting to integrate alternative medicine approaches into their wellness routine. 

As it’s becoming more popular to practice Microdosing, many moms have introduced it as a natural remedy seeking relief for some of the challenges faced in motherhood. It’s not so much being used as an escape like some would commonly turn to wine, or prescription drugs, but rather a way to be more present with their children to fuel a deeper connection.

Microdosing + Meditation

The intention of meditation is to practice fully tuning into to the moment.  With presence comes heightened awareness of your surroundings. The benefits of microdosing can support both of these.

It aids in focusing during meditation by promoting concentrated performance and sustained attention. This is imperative to meditation as part of the practice is learning how to focus your mind away from all the mental chatter and into current consciousness. Microdosing supports in training your mind to easily switch into focus mode.

Is Microdosing Right For Me?

There’s currently a lot of buzz going around about the benefits of integrating alternative medicine approaches, like microdosing psychedelics, into personal wellness routines. If you’re considering trying it,  here are some things to ponder to decide if microdosing is a good fit for you. 

Are you ready for a meaningful shift in your life? When approached with care and attention microdosing has the potential to rewire thought patterns out of default mode and into new ways of thinking. It aids in shining light on habits, behaviors, thoughts, and relationships that are no longer serving you to show you how you can move forward past them and into a space of conscious choices to align with the higher vibration in which you are seeking.


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