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Why We Exist

We’re on a mission to pioneer the future of mental health through the power of psychedelic wellness education, microdosing with plant supplements, and holistic integration coaching.


Collective Vision

We envision a world where mental health is no longer a global epidemic. Where we live together as a collective family in harmony, happiness & healing. Where humanity returns to its origins to tap into the timeless power of plant medicine. Creating a unified lifestyle of holistic well-being, endless creativity, and profound connection with self & others.


Who We Are

We’ve all been where you might be now – wandering, questioning, or seeking for something greater in life. We’re a small & humble team of empathetic, grounded, and determined souls rooted in a genuine desire to guide others on the path. Our transformative experiences with plant medicines led us to the creation of mcrdse movement. We’ve carefully sourced each product to ensure a guided, safe, and holistic transformative journey.

We’re here to guide souls along the ever-unfolding path of healing to ensure that no one walks their journey alone. With the MCRDSE Movement, you’re supporting more than just a brand. . .it’s your opportunity to join a conscious community, a family, a tribe dedicated to the magic healing powers of psychedelic wellness.

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Program Lead & Curator
Certified Life Coach
Yoga Instructor

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Head of Client Relations
Certified Life Coach
PGA Professional

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Yoga Instructor
Reiki Master

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What We Do

We offer more than just microdosing solutions. We seek to educate and provide a holistic approach to mental wellness by merging traditional plant medicine knowledge with modern insights. And offer the support of a conscious community of awakening souls. We are committed to helping anyone who is struggling with mental health. And guiding you on a transformative journey to transcend self-limiting beliefs and connect with the true essence of who you are. 

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Break personal growth records with the transformative power of plant medicine. Our thoughtfully crafted capsules offer a holistic approach to well-being. So you can unlock your limitless potential from within.

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